Simcenter Motorsolve.

Power motor design and analysis

Benefit from design and analysis software for permanent magnet, induction, synchronous, electronically and brush-commutated machines. Simulate performance without the need for typical finite element analysis (FEA) user controls.

Virtual motor prototyping

Base output quantities, waveforms, fields and charts on different analysis methods, and adjust computation time according to the degree of accuracy you need. Accurately predict performance when there is saturation, hysteresis, eddy current and winding loss, deep bar effects, coupled electromagnetic and thermal effects.

Explore the Simcenter Motorsolve Features

Motorsolve BLDC

Brushless DC and permanent magnet AC motor design software for synchronous reluctance, interior permanent magnet, surface-mounted, bread-loaf, spoke and inset

Motorsolve IM

Induction Machine motor design for interior and exterior rotors, all standard bar shapes and all standard wound configurations

Motorsolve DCM

Motor design software for modeling, simulating and predicting performance of brushed DC, permanent magnet DC (PMDC), wound field and universal motors

Motorsolve SRM

Switched reluctance motor design software for optimization and analysis with templates for interior and exterior types

Motorsolve Thermal

Thermal analysis of motor designs including non-vented (TENV), forced cooling (TEFC), contact cooling, spray cooling, duct cooling and water jackets
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