Simcenter Motorsolve.

Minimize physical prototyping as you verify the performance, optimize the design, and accelerate the development of e-machines.

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A Dedicated Design Tool

Optimize your designs via comprehensive simulations of the performance of e-machines. Simcenter Motorsolve uses equivalent circuit simulation as well as Siemens’ unique automated finite analysis (FEA) engine.

The solution is specifically geared for designing electric motors and generators, including:

  • Induction
  • Synchronous
  • Switched reluctance
  • Brush commutated
  • Electronically commutated
  • Brushless direct current (DC) and permanent magnet alternating current (PMAC)
An engineer using Simcenter Motorsolve
Motorsolve electric motor

Virtual Prototyping Made Easy

Design engineers working on motors and generators can use this template-based solution, or import their own existing geometries, to facilitate virtual prototyping to reduce design costs and shorten time to market. The software includes a handy predefined library of linear, nonlinear, and anisotropic materials.

Rather than spending weeks building and performance testing physical prototypes, create multiple design alternates in the same model and easily compare performance. Easily verify:

  • Efficiency (including efficiency maps)
  • Speed vs. torque curve
  • Power vs. speed curve
  • Motion analysis
  • Thermal analysis
  • Air gap flux

Virtual motor prototyping

Base output quantities, waveforms, fields and charts on different analysis methods, and adjust computation time according to the degree of accuracy you need. Accurately predict performance when there is saturation, hysteresis, eddy current and winding loss, deep bar effects, coupled electromagnetic and thermal effects.

Accurate Analysis and Performance Predictions

Simcenter Motorsolve enables a number of analysis methods to accommodate for different design phases. You can also choose the accuracy level for computation according to the degree of accuracy needed vs. time frame – such as greater accuracy later in later design phases.

The solution’s exclusive FEA engine delivers accurate predictions for different effects and performance parameters, including:

  • Deep bar effects
  • Hysteresis and winding loss
  • Predicting eddy currents
  • Performance when there are saturation effects
  • Coupled electromagnetic and thermal effects
Performance analysis with simcenter motorsolve
Thermal Analysis with Simcenter Motorsolve

Easy Documentation and Reporting

Simcenter Motorsolve makes it easy to save notes throughout the design process, document changes, and build reports for internal and external use. You can also export results to a spreadsheet or connect to a wide variety of other tools, including:

Simcenter Motorsolve free trial

Simcenter Motorsolve free trial offers a complete design and analysis solution for e-machines, covering permanent magnet, induction, synchronous, electronically, and brush-commutated machines. The software utilizes automated FEA for precise simulations considering saturation, hysteresis, eddy currents, winding losses, and deep bar effects. Experience coupled electromagnetic and thermal analyses, ensuring accurate predictions of temperature impact on performance. With an intuitive interface, quickly build and refine models for detailed analysis. Export 1D behavior models for integration with other system simulation packages. Activate your Siemens Simcenter Motorsolve free trial now to elevate your electric machine designs!

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