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Faced with intensifying cost pressures, increasing project complexity, fierce competition, and supply chain constraints, architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) firms must find ways to better plan, manage, and execute projects.

Digital technologies offer the potential for efficiency, productivity, and safety breakthroughs, from predictive design and digital twins to automated construction sites, new building materials, building information modeling (BIM), and self-optimizing intelligent buildings.

With new infrastructure opportunities and eco-friendly smart-city mega projects on the horizon, AEC companies are well positioned to transform cities for better energy conservation, building occupant comfort and safety, and sustainable lifetime design.

Simulate and transform the built environment

Maya HTT can help

Benefit from Maya HTT’s software solutions and expertise to optimize and test designs for better sustainability, compliance, safety, and cost-efficiency.

From thermal comfort and air quality to ASHRAE standards compliance and acoustics, 3D modeling and simulation tools help you deliver better engineering for even the most complex building, architecture, and construction projects.

Full building simulation: Engineering designs for sustainability, compliance, safety and energy efficiency

Thermal comfort

Evaluate fluid velocity, temperature maps, humidity results (PMV and PPD), mean radiant temperature, airflow and air change effectiveness.

Air quality

Perform cost-effective analysis of indoor air and outdoor air quality prior to construction and without physical installation.

Fire safety and smoke

Use 3D computational fluid dynamics (CFD) to simulate this crucial element of building design and find out what would happen in a fire.

Solar gains

Evaluate and analyse the thermal effect of the sun on a building and its construction materials to design for LEED certification or other sustainability rating systems.

Natural ventilation

Design and optimize a natural ventilation system based on an in-depth analysis for an accurate picture of air quality and thermal comfort.

Noise and acoustic

Study how noise travels in a building using vibro-acoustic solutions to test and improve a building design’s architectural acoustics.

Building envelope and condensation

Assess the effects of thermal bridging, understand condensation risks, evaluate compliance with energy codes, and predict thermal and hygrothermal performance.

Coastal engineering and wind analysis

Assess how waves and wind will interact with a structure built in a coastal location using free surface flow modeling.

Evaluating chloramine off-gassing in a natatorium with Simcenter 3D

Better successes, better stories

Olympic Renovation

Maya HTT was hired by the Régie des installations olympiques (RIO) to perform the thermo-fluid...

Montreal Biodome

Maya HTT has been mandated for a thermo-fluid analysis to determine the exact causes of thermal...

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