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Industrial data:
dirty until proven

Data is a precious asset. As most engineers, manufacturers, and industrial fleet operators have come to realize, there’s an urgent need to get the right data to the right person or system at the right time. Data integration and data integrity are essential steps in the process. We help you get results faster.

{Ingress, clean, transform, and merge data to deliver better results}


Industrial Operations in the
Age of AI-Ops is all about

Data Integration :

Timescale combination • Timestamp lag analysis • Missing data imputation • Outlier filtering • Frequency clustering

Topic of interest

Industry 4.0 audit

IT/OT data integration

Data pipeline creation

On-premise, hybrid, or cloud architecture

IIoT & edge data cleaning & outlier detection

Topic of interest

PI Core | Edge | Cloud

Azure IoT Hub & IoT Edge

AWS IoT Core

MindSphere MindConnect

NVIDIA DeepStream

Find out what your industrial
data can do for you

Integrating industrial data for ML Ops depends on well-engineered data pipelines and preparation. Is your data fit for purpose?

Turn to Maya HTT for our hands-on expertise with real-time telemetry and video feed processing for industrial data integration.