Better solutions for Marine & Shipbuilding.

Digitizing the Marine and Shipbuilding industries

Using our Ship Structure applications, you can better manage administrative information, and work with a 3D model to:

  • Validate that your marine composites structures meet requirements for strength, weight and durability.
  • Analyze structural details and prepare part replacement composite structures for manufacturing

The validation and analysis our software provides, helps to lower cost and provide greater reliability by testing in a virtual environment.

How Maya HTT can help

Reduce design times and improve quality of production

Maya HTT ship design and engineering solutions enable design engineers to create and maintain 3D models of major ship modules, compartments, systems and locations. Composite structures and components, from mega-yachts and propellers to sonar domes, can be designed and analyzed. Marine systems can be optimized with simulations, validation testing and engineering services.

Transform your shipyard into a seamlessly integrated and synchronized enterprise, linking designers, engineers, production specialists, support teams, partners and suppliers to optimize performance, maximize life cycle productivity and sustain competitiveness.

Get the report now: NX for shipbuilding, an integrated environment for design, planning and manufacturing


What does the digital future hold in store for shipbuilding? What tools will they need to face competition, price pressure and operational requirements? Are today’s systems equipped to work effectively and efficiently with enormous amounts of data? This eBook explores how shipbuilders are using next-generation digital tools to meet higher expectations.

New, seamlessly integrated systems allow shipbuilders to enhance productivity with energy-efficient, reliable and environmentally friendly designs that achieve better overall performance and lower total operating costs. Download this ebook to find out how streamlined processes empower shipbuilders and designers to work collaboratively on the end-to-end systems that pass through common ship spaces.

Princess Yachts uses advanced NVH (Noise, Vibration, Harshness) technology to support artisanal luxury yacht production

Success stories

Newport News Shipbuilding

Newport News Shipbuilding

Newport News Shipbuilding uses Siemens software to help steer the Ford class aircraft carriers on a new course of digital transformation.

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Hyundai Heavy Industries

Hyundai Heavy Industries

Using Siemens Digital Industries Software technology, Teamcenter and Tecnomatix, HHI implemented the first PLM infrastructure specialized for shipbuilding, resulting in significantly improved information sharing and efficiency

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De Voogt Naval Architects

De Voogt Naval Architects

An NX-based design process ensures the quality that wealthy customers expect, yet also helps the shipbuilder grow by speeding its design process.

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