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Maya HTT exists to help our clients and partners solve tough problems. We take our role seriously, developing, delivering, customizing, and deploying critical solutions for customers worldwide, across a broad range of industries.

Maya HTT, Better thinking for a better future.

From satellites to tomatoes

We provide out-of-this-world expertise for down-to-Earth challenges. Maya HTT started out in the space industry, performing thermal simulation of satellites and spacecraft. We’ve been at the forefront of engineering ever since. For more than 35 years, we have demonstrated our commitment to innovating and exploring. As a world leader in computer-aided engineering (CAE) software, we help our clients and partners tackle the most complex engineering projects.


Top Siemens partner

Global award-winning partner

Partnering with Maya HTT opens the door to best-fit solutions and unparalleled expertise. Access the full Siemens Digital Industries Software portfolio and in-depth knowledge that only a development partner can provide. Our unique cross-discipline experience drives successful digitalization.

Extensive specialized engineering expertise


Technical expertise

Tailored solutions

From performance to efficiency and speed to cost-savings, Maya HTT helps you see results with tailored solutions and knowledgeable support. Improve products and processes, benefit from digitalization, capture the business value of your data, and improve operational efficiency.

Solutions and services worldwide

Across the globe, thousands of people rely on Maya HTT software and solutions every day. We support global teams and large-scale deployments as well as small, niche projects. Gain access to a wide range of services, information and technical support to address your business and engineering needs for today and the future.




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