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Managing medical devices and digitizing the pharmaceuticals industry

Whether you are looking to manage the complexity of media smart devices, maintain control on geographically distributed operations, unify your design transfer processes, or simply ensure quality and regulatory compliance while delivering best-in-class innovative medical devices Maya HTT solutions can help.

Create multiple formulations, assess them against regulatory compliance and testing requirements, simulate product characteristics to avoid errors, while simultaneously collecting samples to test for quality and compliance requirements, and finally generate labeling and packaging for go-to-market. Our solutions help speed up innovation in pharmaceutical and medical device development.

How Maya HTT can help

Transitioning to a data-driven, digitally enabled organization.

Maintaining control at every stage in the device life-cycle allows common change on a global scale and provides the quality required, combined with the widespread interconnectedness needed. Innovate continuously, with speed and confidence, to create medical device designs, which seamlessly incorporate biomedical user needs and multidisciplinary engineering design outputs.

Deliver medical devices and equipment with unmatched versatility and flexibility thanks to our mechanical product design solutions that allow designers to select wire-frame, surface, solid parametric or direct modeling techniques, with seamless interchange. This flexibility offers designers the opportunity to explore product solutions that previously would have been too costly or time-prohibitive.

Product Intelligence for Medical Device Innovation and using big data analytics to drive decision making, improve operational efficiency, and better patient outcomes

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PLM implementation increases efficiency and flexibility, improving fulfillment of customer requirements and regulatory compliance.

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In an effort to continuously improve its product lines, Miele uses Simcenter Amesim for improving the development of its washer-disinfector machines.

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