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Digitizing to meet consumer expectations

Consumer product companies must transform to handle dramatic shifts in the market. Globalization, increased regulatory demands, mobile commerce and changes in consumer behavior are driving consumer product companies to redefine speed-to-market and the required agility of supply chains. Companies must have the flexibility to deliver customized products, for an individual, at the cost of scale, while delivering billions of units to the mass market.

Consumers increasingly expect products with Internet of things (IoT), specifically including a connectivity between a network of devices (IoT) and analytics. They now look for experiences instead of just products. In response, manufacturers are forced to adopt new methods and materials across the value chain, from design through manufacturing.

The food and beverage industry is changing under the pressure of consolidations, a growing world population, increasing food safety regulations and new business models driven by the millennial consumer.

How Maya HTT can help

Unique expertise to help you meet increasing market demands

Maya HTT can offer you an integrated lifecycle management solution that provides full process transparency, contributes detail data to stakeholders for reliable decision-making, and facilitates reuse of intellectual property. Maya HTT also has a unique expertise in applying AI and machine learning to deliver analytics and efficiencies.

Whether you are looking to better manage product development, packaging, compliance, complex change procedures or reduce time-to-market, Maya HTT can help you implement the solutions needed in your digitization journey.

How Polar Electro manages product development of electronics and mechanical components for smart fitness wearables.

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Trek Bicycle

Trek Bicycle

While not everyone may think of bicycles as high-tech products, bike design involves complex physics and frequently unknown interactions among multiple physical phenomena.

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