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Maya Simulation Technologies Ltd.

East-Coast Office
Portland, Maine

Mid-West Office
444 West Lake Street, Suite 1700
Chicago, IL, 60606, United States

West-Coast Office
522 N. Thompson St.
Portland, OR, 97227, United States

Tel: 1-888-747-0850
Email: [email protected]


Maya HTT Canada

Maya Heat Transfer Technologies Ltd.

Quebec Office
1100 Avenue Atwater, Suite 3000
Westmount, Quebec H3Z 2Y4, Canada

Tel: +1-800-343-6292 or +1-514-369-5706
Email: [email protected]



Maya HTT UK Ltd.

UK Office
Registered in England.
Company No: 11314563.
VAT No: 307 7731 17
7 Savoy Court, London, United Kingdom, WC2R 0EX
Phone: 0330-024-1029

Aerospace & Defense

Automotive & Transportation

Architecture, Engineering & Construction

Consumer Products & Retail

Electronics & Semiconductors

Energy & Utilities

Machinery & Heavy Equipement

Marine & Shipbuilding

Health & Medical