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The automotive and transportation (A&T) industry is at the precipice of next-generation mobility. The future of transportation is here: It is autonomous, connected, electric, and shared.

From stricter emissions standards and new battery technologies to new architectures, new materials, and new production methods, the A&T landscape is changing.

Automotive companies must continuously adapt to the pressures of today while preparing to meet the complex challenges of tomorrow. Only those that move nimbly into innovation ahead of consumer demand will emerge as leaders.

Integrate technical expertise in your end-to-end digital thread

Maya HTT can help

Gain unparalleled insight into the whole-system impacts of design choices. Maya HTT’s unique expertise addresses complex technical challenges from chip design to full vehicle validation and composite part development.

Our 3D simulation software solutions seamlessly integrate electronic hardware, software, wiring, and mechanical infrastructure so you can deliver smart, innovative products within shorter development cycles.

Harness the full power of model-based development solutions that deliver transparency and flexibility across all processes with precision and accuracy.

Engineering vehicle performance with Simcenter

Better successes, better stories

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Hendrick Motorsports

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Wirth Research

Wirth Research

Wirth Research puts Acura in Sebring pole position with integrated NX CAE tools. Development in...

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