Structural Analysis Toolkit (SATK).

Change the game

Perform computations for composite product analysis with unparalleled accuracy and speed. Complete an analysis that would normally take days in only a few minutes.

Base-driven random simulation

Obtain accurate solutions of very large beam, shell and solid models over the complete frequency band. Execute base driven random simulation and perform harmonic base excitation to extract phase-consistent Von Mises stresses. Includes modal and mass summary tools and several processors for random base acceleration, steady-state harmonic base acceleration, element forces, strain and kinetic energy, grid point forces, stresses and margins of safety.

Explore the Structural Analysis Toolkit (SATK) Features


Fast approximation algorithms that extract RMS Von Mises nodal stresses and compute true peak results at unbeatable speeds

Automated Computation

Computing stress margins of safety while accounting for the effects of modal truncation

Powerful Results File Reader

Delivering results in various formats with the Nastran .op2 result file reader

Design Reuse

Maximizing product knowledge value with the means to leverage it repeatedly in multiple scenarios

Efficient Processing

Processing results from very large models and numerous load cases with less time spent reviewing post-analysis results

Evaluation of safety margins

Safety margin assessments for complex structures subject to various loading and stress levels

Diverse Functionality

Reading large binary results files and identifying and sorting element forces, grid point forces, maximum element stresses
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