Digital Automation.

Don’t settle for just another “code shop” – our specialized team of engineers, analysts and developers have industry experience and a deep understanding of the engineering workplace and its requirements.

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Standardize, simplify, automate

Solve highly complex problems

Would the manual process be impossible or too time-consuming? Automation could be the solution.

Automation excels when problems are broken down into a set of inputs that can be changed and repeated.

For example, our pipe routing solution reduced the time needed to route a single pipe run from 5-20 minutes down to 5-10 seconds. With more than 300 pipe runs to produce, this automation saved a significant amount of time.

Digital Automation using NX Open
Abstract representation of compliance checking

Check compliance

Companies in industries from aviation to F1 racing – and everything in between – find meeting stringent design rules and strict industry regulations a challenge.

Now you can design human error out of the process, making compliance quick, consistent and reliable.

Tailored automated checks in NX remove the barriers to good working practices. Our solutions help you produce quality designs that conform to manufacturability and data model requirements, reducing the risk of running afoul of regulations.   

Next-gen design for the digital enterprise

Streamline software packages

The repetition of data entry is tedious for users and prone to human error.

Automation streamlines the transfer of data from system to system, improving accuracy and removing the risk of mistakes. This is particularly useful when using in-house software and collating data from multiple sources in Excel spreadsheets.

We help you achieve seamless integration between tools by leveraging NXOpen and other automation languages to connect third-party software to NX/Simcenter bi-directionally.

Software flowchart
Abstract representation of corporate IP

Capture corporate IP

When it comes to staff turnover, all companies are vulnerable. Employees who leave take their expertise and knowledge with them. Lock in your corporate IP and eliminate the risk.

Automating processes is one way to capture know-how and preserve it in the tools that everyone uses. Sometimes called democratization, this makes complex processes accessible to the average user.

For example, with built-in design rules, even users without specific knowledge of design/manufacturing compliance can create compliant parts.

Handle big data

User interfaces (UI) are designed for users to import humanly manageable amounts of data. But what if you need to handle huge amounts of data? 

  • Thousands of results files each containing only one result
  • Millions of cloud points
  • Hundreds of boundary conditions
  • Data tables with millions of lines

Automation is the key to bypassing the UI and achieving the impossible. We help you import big data seamlessly, in a short amount of time.

A server room housing big data

Success stories

Piper Aircraft

Piper Aircraft

Aircraft manufacturer uses NX CAD and Teamcenter to develop wing that increases fuel payload by 35...

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