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Solving Challenges in Aerospace Engineering

Pressures to cut program costs, tighten schedules, manage complexity, and enhance program integration are constant. Along with the aircraft electrification trend, they are also driving innovation.

The right solutions aid success in this environment. These can include:

  • Model-based systems engineering
  • Verification management Integrated program planning and execution
  • Jet engine design software integrating program design and engineering

Maya HTT’s offerings also support intelligent manufacturing, supplier collaboration management, and product support and management.

An airplane turbine engine
Concept photo of a jet engine

Simulation and Design of Aircraft Engines

Jet engine design software – whether for turbofan, turboprop, or turboshaft engines – must meet today’s evolving demands. Aerospace firms face tight regulations and safety standards, variable operating conditions, and pressure to shorten design cycle times to contain costs.

Integrated software solutions help aero engine design engineers optimize designs quickly and leverage model-based systems engineering (MBSE) for more efficient production.

Fuel efficiency, thrust, emission control, thermal management, and time to market are just some of the challenges that aero engine companies can address with a robust and comprehensive digital thread.

Discover greater innovation and performance with software solutions for whole-engine modeling, 3D multiphysics simulation, 1D flow modeling, and correlating simulation data to test measurements.

Autonomous Vehicles and Drones for Urban Mobility

The rise of distributed electric propulsion systems, urban road congestion, and a pilot shortage are all driving urban mobility innovations.

Successful e-mobility solutions, including urban air mobility and autonomous aircraft, depend on integrating thermal and energy management, mechatronics, and a comprehensive digital thread across the product lifecycle from design to smart manufacturing to flight operations.

An autonomous aerial vehicle

Innovation takes flight

Electrification of Aviation

Exploring green solutions for transportation is accelerating aircraft engine electrification and hybrid-electric propulsion systems for aircraft. But manufacturers have hurdles to overcome. Beyond managing increasing complexity and needing to certify newly introduced concepts, thermal management is a frequent challenge.

Multiphysics system simulation is central to the performance engineering of hybrid electric propulsion. It’s also ideal for the dynamic simulation of hybrid engines for helicopters and other rotor craft. Meanwhile, solutions for thermal and structural analysis reduce risk and provide virtual validation of electric drive design and battery design.

A lightweight drone

What is powering innovation in turbine engineering?

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Discover the powerful potential of pairing exceptional engineering services with world-leading simulation software development:

  • Thermo-mechanical performance engineering
  • High-end computational fluid dynamics (CFD)
  • Systems performance engineering

Maya HTT helps you meet the future of gas turbine engineering with next-level confidence, efficiency, and innovation.

Jet fighter model with computational fluid dynamics (CFD)

Digitalization in Defense

Defense firms must deal with challenging schedules, fluctuating demand, risk of poor program performance, and the ever-present need for security and traceability.

Innovative digitalization strategies can overcome all these challenges. Discover software that improves collaboration and integration between design, manufacturing, and lifecycle maintenance, along with superior vendor management solutions for working seamlessly with partners and contractors.

Incorporating Advancements Faster

The latest innovations are the result of fresh thinking combined with the latest technology tools – artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), additive manufacturing (AM), and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).

Invent the future. Realize efficient product engineering and design, meet cost and production goals, and simplify compliance using our product lifecycle management (PLM) software, a comprehensive digital twin, and a flexible and open ecosystem that readily adapts to your needs.

Spacecraft showing computational fluid dynamics (CFD)

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