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Innovate at the System Level with Amesim

Today, more than 50% of innovation occurs where different technologies come together: at the system level. If you’re innovating around designs only and not around systems, you’re walking away from opportunity.

Especially for mechatronic systems (where mechanical and electronic components interact), Simcenter Amesim offers a scalable solution that allows you to visualize, assess, and optimize the performance of a system via a digital twin.

A boiler modeled in Simcenter Amesim
Rendering of an electric car powertrain

Evaluate and Balance Competing Performance Parameters

Designs often require balancing competing requirements. Battery weight vs. driving range in an electric car, for example. This is where Amesim’s simulation at the system level offers a sweet spot for maximizing contradictory demands and dealing with engineering complexity right in the early design stages.

Create models to run analyses and “what if” scenarios quickly for:

  • Thermal, electrical, and fluid systems
  • Virtual control system validation
  • Mechanical systems
  • Propulsion systems

The Drivers of Change

Several trends are driving the adoption of system-level simulations:

  • More frequent use of electronics and software within sub-systems
  • Deepening focus on quality
  • Growing need for OEMs and suppliers to exchange information
  • Increasing demands for simulation and validation across multiple domains

Simcenter Amesim democratizes the use of system simulation for system design, system dynamics, and physical controlled systems. With 30+ years of development history and over 5,000 customers worldwide, Amesim is the clear leader in system-level simulation.

PEMFC fuel cell in Simcenter Amesim

Powerful system simulation

Make Greater Strides in Green Design

From renewable power generation and storage facilities, to e-mobility solutions, hydrogen production and distribution, and lowering the energy requirements of production machinery, design engineers’ move to renewables is accelerating. A primary benefit of Amesim is that it takes a systems level approach to design, driven by simulation.

With Amesim, engineers can optimize the performance of systems, including controls, fine-tuning adjustments, and anticipating how various physical conditions can affect performance. By simulating the energy flow within a product, you can also detect avoidable losses or test the energy efficiency of different designs.

Green energy generation and storage
Running simulations in Simcenter Amesim

Run 1,000 Simulations per Night

For problem-solving during the early design phases of things such as hydraulic systems or other industrial technology, the ideal approach is to run many different simulations. Imagine being able to run a thousand simulations automatically, with Simcenter Amesim performing analysis throughout the night.

One benefit is reduced development efforts, including lower costs and cycle times. Add in optimized access to data for different job roles and design processes with enhanced traceability, and you have a recipe for gaining a competitive edge.

Physical System Modeling

System level simulation or system modeling involves displaying and working with digital twins of detailed physical components across different physical domains. It bridges the gap between the mechanical (multi-physics) aspects of a design and electronics.

Simcenter Amesim provides detailed modeling, occupying the space above the functional level and signal level and below the geometric level that requires 3D simulation. It’s widely used in industries including automotive, industrial machinery and heavy equipment, aerospace, marine, and energy.

An engineer working in Simcenter Amesim
Virtual commissioning with Simcenter Amesim

Easier Virtual Commissioning and Testing

With its ability to save substantial time and money, virtual commissioning is on the rise, particularly for industrial machinery and heavy equipment. Amesim can connect with a programmable logic controller (PLC) for virtual commissioning.

Amesim also provides an advantage when it comes to testing simulation. It enables you to easily create models for use in real-time/Hardware in the Loop (HiL) testing.

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