Better Solutions for Marine & Shipbuilding.

Navigate digitalization and decarbonization for better ship structures and performance

Full decarbonization and low-sulphur fuels, autonomous or reduced manned ships, and ocean sustainability lead the concerns facing companies in the blue economy, including ship builders, ship yards, and fleet operators.

As marine and shipbuilding companies navigate the complexities of strict environmental emissions regulations, changing trading patterns, and geopolitical obstacles, the need for digital transformation is at an all-time high.

From super yachts and cruise ships to maritime transport vessels, these highly complex structures are subjected to some of the most extreme environments on Earth. Staying afloat in today’s climate requires efficient, optimized approaches to vessel design, manufacturing and operation.

Build better structures and harness complex transformational forces

Maya HTT can help

Optimize maritime systems performance, maximize lifecycle productivity, and gain the competitive advantage with our dedicated ship-structure applications.

Manage administrative data and work with a complete 3D digital twin for marine-specific virtual modeling, simulation, and testing functionalities.

  • Ensure components from keels and hulls to propellers and sonar domes meet strength, weight, and durability requirements.
  • Validate composite structure designs early in the product development and manufacturing process to avoid downstream inefficiencies.

What is the digital future of shipbuilding?


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How will shipbuilders of today face tomorrow’s complex price pressures and operational requirements?


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A journey towards fleet digitalization

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