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Industrial machinery and heavy equipment play an essential role in industries ranging from aerospace to food production.

Industry-wide, complexity is a main concern, defining challenges from shifting market demands, e-commerce, and mass personalization to compliance records, regional emissions regulations, and increasing dependence on software and electronics.

As machine designs become more complex, manufacturers must rethink development processes. The competitive advantage lies in automated, customized, adaptable, and flexible machines that can self-diagnose and compensate.

Conventional lean methods are no longer sufficient. Companies must leverage a connected, collective intelligence to drive operations and meet the pressures of time, flexibility, quality, and efficiency.

Leverage complexity, digitization, and automation

Maya HTT can help

Our software solutions enable your engineering and manufacturing teams to confidently design and build with composites, and help meet customer expectations. Maya HTT solutions can help you create high-performance design and simulations to maintain engineering accuracy, increase productivity, and addresses real industry issues.

Our PLM solution combines metrics used for managing a project and product -portfolio in an integrated manner. This holistic approach combines discrete information, otherwise found in separate systems, better captures all relevant details, giving heavy equipment manufacturers the ability to build more engineered-to-order and configured-to-order machines. You can now respond to high demands for customization, and increased speed of delivery.

Global manufacturing: Building the same product at different sites with digitalization

Better successes, better stories

Liebherr Group

Liebherr Group

One of the examples of the design paradigm shift is the R 9XX, a Liebherr hybrid excavator...

Foton Lovol

Foton Lovol

While the R&D operations frequently share and borrow data from different product lines, managers...

John Harder & Company

John Harder & Company

The company recently adopted Solid Edge Simulation to extend its engineering capabilities with...

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