Simcenter MAGNET.

Predict electromagnetic and electromechanical device performance with speed and accuracy. This simulation solution uses finite element analysis tailored to a wide range of field types.

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Convenient Modeling for Many Applications

Make even complex geometric modeling of 2D and 3D easy with Simcenter MAGNET. It features multisweep functions, coil creator tools, Boolean operations, and easy options for importing existing geometries. Import native files from many computer assisted design (CAD) solutions, including Solidworks and Pro/E.

Design a wide variety of applications, including:

  • Electric motors and generators
  • Actuators
  • Transformers
  • Induction heating
  • Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) / medical devices
  • Loudspeakers
  • Magnetic levitation
  • Sensors and non-destructive testing (NDT) applications
AC simulation using Simcenter MAGNET
Electrical transformer in Simcenter MAGNET

Handle Any Magnetic Fields

Whether you’re modeling static or transient electromagnetic fields, Simcenter MAGNET provides a wide range of results, from field strengths and conductor currents, to loss values and material specific behaviors.

Benefit from being able to handle most situations, including:

  • Predicting demagnetization
  • Running analyses of eddy currents and core loss
  • Simulating proximity effects
  • Conducting non-linear analysis of magnetostatic fields
  • Performing second-order time stepping

When Motion Matters

In addition to quick and accurate solvers for alternating current (AC) and transient fields, Simcenter MAGNET also handles virtually every type of motion. Capabilities include:

  • Handles externally or internally driven motion

  • Computes induced currents due to motion

  • Supports multiple moving components

Traction motor cooling in Simcenter MAGNET

Control Meshing to Manipulate Designs

Precisely control meshing and determine any necessary mesh refinements with Simcenter MAGNET’s meshing-related features, including:

  • Meshing for coupled thermal problems
  • Remeshing in response to motion
  • Automatic mesh refinement

You can also set boundary conditions, which allows for reductions in model size.

An engineer working with Simcenter MAGNET
Simcenter MAGNET product photo

Run Parametric Studies

Design optimization and innovation begins with trying new things. Run “What-if?” scenarios without the usual cost-constraints of working prototypes using Simcenter MAGNET’s simulation capabilities.

Drive innovation by performing parameterization of various geometric features, materials, and mesh settings – in any desired quantity according to value range you specify.

A Convenient Library

Eliminate time spent entering material information for each individual design. Simcenter MAGNET includes a large database of over 400 commonly used materials, and allows users to curate their own database of custom materials.

Simcenter MAGNET also:

  • Handles linear, non-linear, and anisotropic material data
  • Records temperature dependent material characteristics
  • Includes tools to help characterize material data curves
  • Allows for the easy transfer of data between models and users
Transients in Simcenter MAGNET

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Experience a complete motion solver, allowing precise simulation of arbitrary movements, such as in levitation problems, with rigid bodies’ full freedom of movement. Benefit from Smart Mesh for initial design verification, adaption, and precision in solving large 3D field problems efficiently. Maximize mesh element quality to ensure stable and accurate solutions. Simcenter MAGNET automatically detects current paths and directions within solids of interest. Virtual prototype simple to complex electromagnetic and electromechanical devices with ease. Don’t miss this opportunity to elevate your electromagnetic simulations – activate your Simcenter MAGNET free trial now!

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