Data Distribution
& ML-Ops.

Low-code/No-code | BI tool | Digital twin | Virtual sensors

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Your people and
control systems

are critical to
ML Ops success

Having the right data and AI model is half the battle. Presenting the resulting insights to the appropriate resource in the right way and at the right time to help them take action and make informed decisions is equally critical to ML Ops success.

Our real-time, easy to deploy apps use low-code/no-code platforms and incorporate digital twins and virtual sensors to deliver user information and dashboards that help you get the best out of your AI and BI projects.

Topic of interest

Business alignment workshop

Low-code/no-code app development

Physics-based | Hybrid | AI-based ROM

Virtual sensors & digital twin interfaces

Agile app maintenance & support

Framework expertise

Mendix low-code / no-code apps

PI custom apps

Amesim 1D system-level models & ROM-builder

Angular | React custom apps

Power BI | Grafana | PI Vision dashboarding

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your challenges

Distributing industrial AI insights and related data requires that processes and operations be proactively optimized. Are your industrial metrics being tracked effectively?

Turn to Maya HTT to ensure your AI Ops insights feed well-engineered apps and systems.