Building a competitive edge with building envelope simulation

Veridis is a simulation lab specialized in heat transfer and the energy efficiency of buildings.

The company uses 3D simulation software to help their clients meet and exceed compliance with building code regulations. Using Simcenter 3D, they model wall assemblies and conduct parametric studies to improve thermal performance.

Designing a better building envelope 

The building envelope must provide the barrier between a comfortable interior space and the changing weather outside, and this goes a long way to improving the building’s energy efficiency.

Using a digital twin of a wall assembly, Veridis evaluates the actual performance of the design to identify heat bridges and other problems for their clients.

Then, using a 3D model, they conduct parametric studies to modify the wall assembly design to improve thermal performance in compliance with energy codes.

3D simulation is more cost-efficient than conducting parametric studies with traditional physical testing. What’s more, the level of detail that is possible with Simcenter 3D – for example, adding screws into the 3D model – reduces errors to 2% or less compared to physical tests.

Looking beyond thermal performance with Simcenter 3D

With Simcenter 3D, Veridis goes beyond evaluating heat transfer and thermal performance.

They are able to give their clients a competitive edge with additional studies to:

  • Assess condensation risks
  • Evaluate thermal comfort

Veridis helps their clients gain a competitive edge by delivering building envelope designs that:

  • Exceed minimum compliance with energy codes
  • Ensure more comfortable interiors
  • Meet carbon emission reduction goals
  • Improve energy performance

Partnering in simulation, software and solutions 

“Maya HTT has been a partner with various solutions since day one. They helped us narrow down our options to the tools that we really needed – and they provided dedicated training.

Maya HTT delivers very effective support. Whenever we have a question, they answer it very thoroughly and quickly. That’s very important for us because usually we have very short deadlines.”

Watch the video of Veridis Solutions’ Chief of Engineering, Jean-Michel Dussault, and Thermal Simulation Expert, Louis-Gabriel Maltais, in conversation with Siemens.

Contact a Maya HTT expert today to bring thermal simulation solutions into your building engineering.

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