Structural Analysis Toolkit (SATK).

Explore more design possibilities and save time with base-driven sine and random vibration structural analysis, including random vibration analysis that’s 200 times faster than comparable software.

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Streamline General Analyses and Dynamic Simulation

Benefit from quicker computations, including for composite failure metrics. Structural Analysis (SA) Toolkit provides advanced post processing features for general analysis along with analytical tools for base-driven simulation.

SAToolkit has dozens of applications across a wide range of industries including:

  • Electronics and electrical equipment
  • Aerospace (including space systems)
  • Automotive and transportation
  • Industrial equipment
  • Architectural and construction
  • Oil & gas
Nodal contours with SATK
SATK strain energy graph

Test a Structure’s Random Base Acceleration

Simplify the computation of peak derived stress and strain, Von Mises, and shear with SAToolkit’s parallelized random processor. It reads results from NASTRAN normal modes (SOL 103) and measures structural responses.

You can automatically generate the stress margin of safety, and the solution’s useful properties extend to:

  • Accounts for modal truncation rapidly and efficiently
  • Computes peak vector result magnitudes
  • Provides 30% greater accuracy when accounting for non-Gaussian probability distribution
  • Supports both Simcenter NASTRAN and MSC NASTRAN
  • Runs in batch processing, on either Windows or Linux

Enjoy Unprecedented Speed

By way of illustrating SAToolkit’s speed, a 1-axis model with 130,562 elements, 161,672 nodes, and 150 modes is solved in 10 seconds.

You can post-process the contour and XY graph results in a solution such as Simcenter 3D Desktop or Simcenter FEMAP.

A satellite model solved with the SATK

Base-driven random simulation

Obtain accurate solutions of very large beam, shell and solid models over the complete frequency band. Execute base driven random simulation and perform harmonic base excitation to extract phase-consistent Von Mises stresses. Includes modal and mass summary tools and several processors for random base acceleration, steady-state harmonic base acceleration, element forces, strain and kinetic energy, grid point forces, stresses and margins of safety.

Expand Structural Response Assessments

It’s your choice – assess the importance of a structure’s global mode, local mode, or both.

SAToolkit features a modal summary tool that also automatically flags critical modes where the dynamic responses or effective masses (or both) exceed the thresholds you define for that model.

Complete other tasks more easily with SAToolkit’s built-in modal summary tool that enables you to:

  • Process modal information from a normal mode (SOL 103) analysis
  • Graph effective masses in Excel
  • Tabulate acceleration responses for a group of nodes you select
Spacecraft in SATK

Save time, explore more scenarios, and innovate faster

Structural Analysis Toolkit (SAToolkit) for NASTRAN delivers efficiency and accuracy where other software solutions struggle.

• 200 times faster
• Equal or better accuracy
• Computes composite failure metrics

With extensive applications in space systems, electronics and automotive, SAToolkit provides advanced post-processing capabilities for general analyses and state-of-the-art analytical tools for base-driven dynamic simulation.

SATK brochure cover
Von Mises stress

Validate Safety Margins Earlier

The earlier in the design phase you can assess product safety, the lower the risk once a product meets users in the real world.

SAToolkit makes it simple to assess margins of safety for structures, regardless of their complexity, their materials, or the various loads they will be subjected to.

Get support for a variety of failure theories, along with benefits including:

  • User-defined element groups
  • Element stresses based on various material strengths
  • Ability to process NASTRAN static, transient, and frequency response results

The Convenience of Multiple Processors

Measure strain energy, simulate shaker sine tests, analyze element and grid point forces – all with a single solution.

The leading structural analysis software, SAToolkit bundles a range of processors to add additional convenience to it’s speed and accuracy.

Gain access to:

  • An energy process to be better understand modal behavior in complex models
  • A sine processor to calculate maximum Von Mises stresses, derived stresses, vector magnitudes
  • An element force processor to evaluate max forces in selected regions or an entire model
  • A grid point processor to compute joint safety and allowable load vectors
Electric circuitboard

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