NX Open: Why Exactly Right Is Better Than Very Good

How to achieve critical success with NX Open customization and automation

If you’re looking for a comprehensive CAD, CAM and CAE software with impressive capabilities, Siemens’ NX is probably at the top of your list. It does a lot – and we do mean a lot. But, like most out-of-the-box (OOB) software, it might not perfectly meet all your specific needs and workflows. That’s where NX Open customization and automation come in.

NX Open programming interfaces make it possible to boost the already powerful NX software. Automation, dialogs, and algorithms weave the standard NX tools into a tailored solution that fits your specific workflows and challenges perfectly.

Three ways NX Open customization and automation streamlines workflows for quality results

  1. Custom dialogs guide users through well-defined workflows
  2. Automation leverages in-house best practices and processes
  3. Customized workflows supplement and expand the standard NX tool set

Developing and deploying workflow automation to dozens of engineers and designers requires careful planning and execution. By preserving in-house best practices in robust automation building blocks, you can ensure your custom solutions will retain and respect your wealth of lessons-learned today and tomorrow.

With well documented, extensible, and maintainable NX customizations and the Siemens Digital Industries Software’s long-term guarantee on the availability of their published NX Open interfaces, your investment in automation will continue to bear fruit for a long time.

Four steps to overcoming business challenges with NX Open

  1. Integrate design, analysis, and quality-control processes in NX
  2. Leverage NX dialog designer and NX Open programming tools
  3. Expand the regular NX tool set with automated workflows and processes
  4. Get an expert’s perspective on the analysis and development of your operations

By bringing everything into one integrated solution, making maximum use of the available tools, and tailoring and streamlining your workflows under the guidance of experts, you will be well poised to tackle critical business challenges head on efficiently and within tight timelines and quality margins.

Five reasons you should leverage NX Open customization and automation to build capacity and competitive strength

  1. Execute repetitive workflows 5 to 20 times faster with typical process improvements and automation
  2. Leverage the know-how and expertise of your best in-house experts
  3. Empower your engineering organization to tackle designs systematically
  4. Ramp up the knowledge level of your programming staff
  5. Free your most creative minds to look at process improvements and new designs

Workflows that leverage critical company-specific knowledge and expertise are often repetitive and time-consuming. By accelerating and automating processes, you can meet quality and competitiveness goals while leveraging your particular in-house expertise.

Our experts are here to help

Maya HTT support services are there to back you up, whether in planning future upgrades, acquiring NX Open training, or getting detailed answers to NX programming questions. We understand the tight demands of day-to-day engineering projects. Drawing on our deep knowledge of CAD, CAM and CAE software, we are able to enhance core NX functionality to extend the NX tool set and apply it to your specific projects.

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