M-Bot: Your own large language model chatbot and personal digital librarian

Wading through reams of digital technical documentation in search of answers?

Chances are, it’ll take time to find the information you need.

Sifting through PDFs of user manuals and process documentation is tedious and time consuming – even when you know the document exists and have a general idea of where to find it. If your technical library houses thousands of PDFs stored across multiple file directories, the task becomes downright daunting.

That’s why Maya HTT created M-Bot.

A private large-language model chatbot

Fast and accurate, this large-language model (LLM) chatbot saves you time and frustration, and makes getting answers dramatically more efficient.

By now, we have all heard about the incredible potential and downsides of LLMs like ChatGPT. The benefits of the technology are tempting, but the issues – both known and unknown – about IP, privacy, security and accuracy are too significant and serious to ignore.

M-Bot avoids those concerns altogether as an on-prem, closed system trained on your IP and data, and yours alone. It’s a simple but elegant private assistant who works for you. M-Bot won’t give away your IP by sharing it with the communal data pool, and it won’t lead you astray with fabricated plausible-sounding but false answers.

Faster access to the right technical information

M-Bot is fast, efficient and accountable. It quickly filters through all your documentation to find relevant information, summarizes it, cites its sources with links directly to the referenced source documents, and provides a confidence rating. Feedback from users helps to teach M-Bot whether its answer was useful and relevant or not.

Imagine that: convenience, security and answers at your fingertips. M-Bot is a private digital assistant ready to serve you, and only you.

Ready to meet M-Bot? Contact us.

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