HEEDS 2304: Accelerate product development processes

HEEDS 2304 brings significant enhancements that accelerate your product development processes. HEEDS can be easily and productively leveraged by all users.

This release brings an expanded portal offering, a new interface to ANSYS STK, along with customer requested enhancements to both Simcenter 3D and STAR-CCM+ portals.

  • Enhanced Efficient Search capabilities
  • Significantly improved capabilities of MO-SHERPA to handle Many Objective Optimization problems (Ma-OOPs)
  • Improvements and migration of Adaptive Sampling as a dedicated study type
  • Enhanced Insight & Discovery capabilities
  • Improvements to the overall surrogate modelling workflow
  • Added support for evaluating predictive generalizable performance of surrogates

Along with these enhancements, HEEDS 2304 offers several other new features and updates to streamline design space exploration.

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