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Successful Products Depend on Faster Time to Market

History is littered with examples of brilliant inventors who were a bit too slow to introduce their breakthroughs, allowing rivals who’d been working along the same lines beat them to the punch. By enabling you to explore more design options in less time, HEEDS lets you accelerate product innovation to the final stages.

Generating design iterations that meet your specified criteria and then quickly testing the most promising possibilities via virtual prototyping means you can cut time to market for new product introductions. The results can extend well beyond lower costs to include greater market share, rising brand awareness, and a valuable reputation as an industry innovator.

Product development in a meeting room
Product development with Siemens HEEDS

Tackle Your Product Development Challenges

From meeting market demands to competing effectively, success in most industries hinges on flexible design processes that drive innovation. Businesses must deal with rapidly changing requirements and rising product complexity. Adopting a solution that can save both time and costs, whether for the design of a product or, when combined with plant simulation, for the manufacturing process to create finished products, is a game-changer.

HEEDS provides a way to achieve:

  • Process automation that speeds the creation of virtual prototypes
  • Distributed execution to accelerate testing and validation of virtual prototypes
  • Efficient searches to identify design alternatives and optimize design
  • Insights to ensure reliable product performance

Less Physical Testing for More Wins

From automotive, aerospace, and marine to medical devices, electronics, and consumer products, many industries are working to reduce physical testing. Prototypes are a necessary proving ground, but expanding the use of virtual prototypes can save a substantial time and costs.

HEEDS is a solution that allows users to easily perform design space exploration, generating virtual prototypes for numerous design iterations to support continuous improvement in product designs as well as production.

Engineers working on a drone prototype

Automated workflows

From K.I.S.S. to F.E.C.

Once upon a time, Keep It Simple, Stupid (K.I.S.S.) was an axiom in business. Current trends make that goal seem quaint. Complexity is everywhere. Industry leaders can now be said to Fully Embrace Complexity (F.E.C.). Increased design uncertainty, driven by often competing requirements, is a main creator of complexity.

In the past, extensive testing time and the high cost of multiple prototypes on the road to fully validating a product limited the playing field for real innovators. Maya HTT offers HEEDS and related solutions to speed design via simulation and virtual prototypes. This results in drastically shortening testing times and allows you to unleash the fresh thinking that changes complexity from an obstacle to an attribute.

Process automation with Siemens HEEDS
Process automation abstract image

Get Your Design and Engineering Teams on the Same Page

Companies involved in the design and engineering of products seek to close the gap between these two functions. Miscommunication between them, or just delays in exchanging information, leads to errors and bottlenecks. Tighter integration, better communication, and collaboration are needed – but the hard part is how. Enter HEEDS and related solutions, coupled with HTT’s expertise.

HEEDS can provide seamless integration and support process automation. We can help connect any in-house or commercial tools you’re using and assist in automating your workflows, which has the further benefit of reducing the risk of errors and recouping valuable time by eliminating tedious and repetitive design and engineering tasks.

Reducing Risk Is Its Own Reward

What’s worse than a product that never gains much traction? One that fails. From avoiding wasted development costs and warranty nightmares to preserving reputations and retaining loyal customers, it’s understandable why the drive to minimize the risk of product failures is a major trend. The solution to maximally reducing risk is to adopt proven practices in system engineering. Simulation, and digitalization more broadly, is a central element of this.

HEEDS enables you to run simulations, as many and as often as needed, to ensure that a product meets or exceeds all performance requirements. Unlike physical testing and prototyping, virtualization has little to none of the attendant costs or even time demands. The software is also designed to facilitate a generative design approach in which you enter the desired performance characteristics and any constraints and the solution works to produce many possibilities that fulfill all criteria.

Risk reduction with Simcenter HEEDS

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