Data-Driven Digital Machine Shops

The digital machine shop is a data-driven manufacturing environment that seamlessly connects processes, machines, robots, equipment, and all other operational elements.

Efforts to improve traditional operations are prone to many technical challenges. These affect, for example, the ability to work with models, to create toolpaths, to verify G-code and to reuse machining knowledge.

Respondents to a Siemens survey identified time-to-delivery as the top concern facing machine shops. Other key issues include reducing machining turnaround times, increasing acceptance rates, decreasing tool wear and breakage, and shortening bid turnaround times. A digital approach promises an integrated solution to all these problems, enabling machine shops to achieve previously unattainable efficiency and time savings.

Modern integrated software applications open the door to working with models from any CAD application, automating the development of high quality toolpaths, simulating G-code execution and making standardized NC knowledge available for reuse.

Read the Siemens report The Digital Journey of the Modern Machine Shop today.

For a deeper dive into the production process, explore the Siemens Digital Machine Shop series of blog posts. This series uses the example of a quadcopter in a step-by-step exploration of how the digital machine shop approach facilitates seamless integration.

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