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Discover the comprehensive simulation solutions within Simcenter 3D, with powerful meshing and industry- and application-specific tools.

                   Product Features

Simcenter 3D for Thermal

Get efficient modeling and simulation of thermal physics including conduction, free and forced convection, and radiation. This fully integrated solution uses advanced thermal solvers and coupled physics analytics, sharply curtailing the need for physical prototypes.

Simcenter 3D for Space Systems Thermal

This thermal solution for space systems packs in years of industry experience gleaned from close relationships with customers and reflecting industry best practices.

Simcenter 3D for Fluid Dynamics

Create complex finite element (FE) models for computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulations or acoustics simulations with Simcenter 3D Advanced Fluid Modeling software. Perform accurate analyses of fluid domain geometry for complicated component or assembly models.

Simcenter 3D for Durability

Available as an add-on module, Simcenter 3D Advanced Durability enables you to perform fatigue analyses and life calculations to validate structural integrity across a product’s expected lifespan under various loading conditions.

Simcenter 3D for Composites

Shift simulation to earlier in the design process to reduce development costs, hit your weight reduction targets, and verify manufacturability. The solution also lets you analyze the behavior of layered composites to ensure safe and durable structures and minimize risks.

Simcenter 3D for Acoustics

Optimize designs for sound quality or reduce exterior and interior noise levels. Applications include vibro-acoustics, structural acoustics, full vehicle scattering, and room acoustics.

Simcenter 3D for Structures

Simcenter 3D Structures bundles NX Nastran and an industry-standard solver with Simcenter 3D Desktop to provide a unified CAE environment for rapid simulation model-building and advanced analysis of structures.

Simcenter 3D Structural Dynamics

Designed for the automotive industry, this enablement within Simcenter 3D offers noise, vibration, and harshness (NVH) response assessment, at full vehicles or sub-systems, with five different analytical modes. It’s also specific for NVH – for full vehicle or assemblies – in electric and hybrid vehicles.

Simcenter 3D FE Model Correlation & Update

Reduce the time you spend creating finite element (FE) fluid domain models, whether for acoustics or computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulations. The solution accurately meshes fluid domain and boundary layers and updates models when the design geometry changes.

Simcenter 3D for Aerostructures

Simcenter 3D software for aerostructures performs end-to-end assessments of aerostructures, helping to lower the costs of structural analysis and meet tight deadlines. It provides ready-to-use failure prediction methods and lets you customize the solution by securely integrating your own internal tools and intellectual property.

Simcenter 3D for Multiphysics

Get a single, integrated platform for multiphysics simulation with pre- and postprocessing for multiple disciplines. It includes thermal-fluid, thermo-mechanical, vibro-acoustics and aero-vibro-acoustics, electromagnetic-thermal, fluid-structure interaction, and electromagnetic-vibro-acoustics.

Simcenter 3D for Optimization

Apply topology optimization and classical parametric optimization and compare the predicted performance of a design to the specifications you require. Simcenter 3D also speeds your product design by automating repetitive iterative processes.

Simcenter 3D for Electromagnetics

Simcenter 3D for electromagnetics is designed for modeling both low-frequency EM applications such as electric motors and generators, transformers, actuators, sensors, and wireless power supplies using a variety of  solvers, as well as for modeling high-frequency EM such as for communications and antenna design using full-wave and asymptotic solvers.

Simcenter 3D for Additive Manufacturing

Additive manufacturing capabilities in Simcenter 3D help you print right the first time by predicting potential distortions and defects before printing, reducing the need for test prints and boosting quality. Simulate build processes for metal powder bed fusion and explore different build positions and support scenarios.

Simcenter 3D for Motion

Easily convert CAD geometry and assemblies into fully functional models to analyze and optimize rigid body dynamics and kinematics when developing mechanical or mechatronic components and systems. Applications include transmissions and gears, controls co-simulation, tires, and flexible hoses and harnesses.

Simcenter 3D in a Managed Environment

Quickly find the data you need and re-use of previous models via simulations with end-to-end traceability. Simcenter 3D for Managed Environments uses Simcenter 3D within Teamcenter to provide full traceability of simulations and related product development data.

OptiAssist for Simcenter 3D

An add-on module, OptiAssist helps you develop optimal ply shapes and laminates for composites. When working with castings and moldings, it optimizes workflows to automatically develop material thickness distribution requirements.

Simcenter 3D for Materials Engineering

Simcenter 3D supports an array of tasks in the engineering of materials, including microstructure modeling, adaptive multiscale, the design of laminate composites, and analyzing the material lifecycle.

A Common UI for Easier Training and Collaboration

Simcenter 3D provides some features to help you get ahead of the labor shortage, starting with a scalable environment for design engineers, analysts, and discipline specialists.

This centralized environment has a common user interface (UI) that’s shared across all Siemens CAE solutions. This offers benefits including:

  • Reduces training costs across multiple, solver-specific tools
  • Makes cross-training of engineering staff easier
  • Facilitates shifting resources to the most pressing projects
Man using Simcenter 3D 2022.1
Simcenter 3D meshing presentation slide

Superior Meshing for Easier Moldeling

Dramatically cut modelling time and recoup time that would otherwise be lost with each design-analysis iteration. Simcenter 3D accomplishes this through powerful modeling with both automatic and manual mesh generation of 0D, 1D, 2D, and 3D elements, along with techniques to apply loads and boundary conditions.

Unlike competing solutions, Simcenter 3D associates the analysis model to its geometry. This means that changing geometry, mesh, and boundary conditions are all tied to the base design, so when you change the design geometry, the solution rapidly updates all existing analysis geometry, mesh, loads and boundary conditions.

Multiphysics Simulation and Designing for Safety

Benefit from new possibilities for vehicle safety and crash-test performance with Simcenter 3D. The solution offers an array of possibilities for model-based simulation and virtual testing. The solution’s multiphysics analytics cover:

  • Multibody dynamics
  • Finite element analysis
  • Airbag computational fluid dynamics (CFD)
  • Seatbelts, crash test dummies, and human body models
  • Vehicle safety output
Simcenter 3D Madymo model updates

Open, unified, and extensible

Benefit from fast and intuitive geometry editing and preparation, comprehensive modeling and meshing capabilities, and intuitive postprocessing tools. Quickly and efficiently explore what-if scenarios and optimization solutions with support for several common CAE solvers. Easily manage large FE assemblies, capture and automate processes, and integrate seamlessly with software data management solutions.

Multi-tabbed windows in Simcenter 3D

Built-In Industry Experience

Years of industry experience are baked into the solutions found in Simcenter 3D. This includes some specific vertical solutions that incorporate lessons learned from clients’ use cases.

Choose from some specific vertical solutions such as:

  • Electronic systems cooling
  • Wind turbine applications
  • Flexible pipes
  • Tire modeling
  • Modeling for noise, vibration, and harshness (NVH) in automotive
  • Space systems thermal
  • Aerospace applications including aerostructures and rotors

Analyze Any Type of Thermal Flow

Do your designs involve the behaviors of fluids and heat exchange? Gain a thorough understanding of a design’s thermal-fluid characteristics to enable the precise tailoring of thermal management solutions.

This includes conduction, convection, compressible and incompressible fluids, radiation, phase change, two-phase, conjugate heat transfer, and the behavior of non-Newtonian fluids such as molten polymers.

Time varying thermal fatigue in Simcenter 3D
Engineers designing a jet turbine

Strengthen Your Team with a Digital Twin

Raise the visibility of your simulation team with a digital twin. Simcenter 3D provides a digital twin that delivers product performance information to decision makers when it makes a difference – early in the design cycle.

Decrease the constraints on innovation, break down silos between functional areas and help your design team become more flexible with Simcenter 3D coupled with Maya HTT’s expertise.

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