Generative Design.

Optimizing shape, weight, and strength

How do you know a design is the best one for your purpose? What if you could improve on even the best parts? Topology optimization offers the tools to generate optimized designs based on specific constraints and parameters.

Gain the flexibility to explore and discover new options. Master the design tools needed to create ideal parts with traditional manufacturing, 3D printing, and other additive manufacturing methods.

We help you put the best design forward




We bring together expertise in design, software, and automation. Our in-depth understanding of optimization can help you discover new, better design possibilities. We can help you minimize material and weight while ensuring components withstand stresses.

Some project highlights


Designed an RCM adaptor to go from a circle to a rectangle


Improved the design of an internal headlamp bezel to stiffen it and remove the rattling noise

Heat shield

Designed an embossed heat shield panel to improve stiffness and reduce deflections

Uncovering the best solutions

We couldn’t possibly list everything we do! Here are just some of our other design services:

  • Design space
  • Efficient design
  • Organic shape

Next-gen design for the digital enterprise

Success stories

Piper Aircraft

Piper Aircraft

Aircraft manufacturer uses NX CAD and Teamcenter to develop wing that increases fuel payload by 35...

De Voogt Naval Architects

De Voogt Naval Architects

Customer-driven designs “Our customers’ wishes are sacred,” explains Pieter Schouten, ICT manager...

Trek Bicycle

Trek Bicycle

While not everyone may think of bicycles as high-tech products, bike design involves complex...

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