Simcenter Femap 2023: Enhanced FEA Modeling and Efficiency

Hex dominant meshing in FemapSimcenter Femap is a versatile software for finite element analysis (FEA) pre-/post-processing. It allows for efficient meshing, model definition, and interoperability with various solvers. The software is designed with a mesh-centric approach, enabling easy editing and reuse of existing FEA models. In its 2023 releases (2301 and 2306), Simcenter Femap introduces several enhancements to improve productivity and collaboration in various stages of the modeling process.

1. Modeling Complexity: Simcenter Femap helps engineers efficiently simulate various phenomena before product fabrication. The 2023 updates enhance the software’s capabilities to address complex problems and accurately model product performance. Notably, it introduces support for Simcenter Nastran Rotor Dynamics (SOL 414), aiding the creation of rotor dynamics models for rotating machinery. Additionally, the software now supports element addition and removal during nonlinear simulations for more accurate behavior capture using Simcenter Nastran Multistep Nonlinear solution SOL 401. Computed Vectors are introduced to calculate specific key results that may not be included in the solver’s output.

2. Go Faster: Meshing finite element models is often time-consuming, and Simcenter Femap aims to streamline this process. In the 2023 releases, improvements include the ability to define mesh points using the Body Mesher command, facilitating precise node placement. Line elements connected to other element types can be updated simultaneously during mesh refinement or coarsening, ensuring connectivity and saving time. The software also introduces a feature to quickly create meshes that connect different sections of a model, regardless of complexity. Furthermore, a Command Finder is introduced to help users locate commands more efficiently within the software’s extensive functionality.

3. Stay Integrated: Simcenter Femap emphasizes the integration of simulation teams within the broader design and development process. The 2023 updates enhance this integration in various ways. Simulation engineers can now directly manage Femap files within the Teamcenter platform, ensuring proper tracking of design versions and simulation results. The Analysis Monitor within Femap is improved to provide better monitoring of multiple ongoing analyses, helping teams manage their simulation projects more effectively.

The 2023 enhancements aim to make Simcenter Femap a more productive tool for engineers by enhancing its modeling capabilities, meshing efficiency, and integration with the development process. The software’s versatility and improvements cater to a wide range of engineering needs, ultimately aiding in better product design and performance analysis.

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