Enterprise-wide data oversight with essential PLM and PDM capabilities

Product lifecycle management (PLM) delivers control over data with improved processes and the integration of MCAD and ECAD data – advantages large companies have leveraged successfully.

As small and medium sized businesses now face the same complex electro-mechanical product complexity as larger companies, PLM capabilities have increasingly become a priority for them, too. If full-fledged PLM is still out of reach for some manufacturers, product data management (PDM) is a viable option for achieving essential PLM capabilities and their benefits:

  • With a single source of product data, reliable and up-to-date product information is accessible company-wide.
  • Simple and inclusive workflows ensure the quality and repeatability of product-related processes.
  • Integrating ECAD and MCAD data in one system provides better collaboration and a big-picture view for better decisions.

Learn how to:

  • Keep track of all the information that defines and describes the product through its development.
  • Easily find the product information you need.
  • Deliver enterprise-wide whole-product visibility.
  • Bring together product development across mechanical and electronic domains with cross-domain design management.
  • Communicate and respond to product change across the enterprise.

We share real examples of how companies are seeing benefits that include design reuse, shorter development times, and up to 25% more productivity.

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