Chromalloy: Quality and Innovation

Chromalloy is an integrated solutions provider and one of the world’s largest providers of advanced coatings and authorized repairs and parts for gas turbine engines in the power and aerospace industries, including military and commercial aircraft markets. Focused on quality and driven by innovation, Chromalloy reliably and economically extends the life of gas turbine engines. Their proprietary LifeX parts and repairs, serviceable materials, and complete engine management solutions. These require exacting methods to ensure the highest quality and safety for their customers.

Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solutions are essential for ensuring manufacturers like Chromalloy can meet precise engineering specifications. In fact, PLM requirements for aerospace engineering are some of most crucial in the industry. Firms that provide engineering services for parts, coatings and other components of gas turbine engines are held to the highest quality standards. Failing to meet those standards can result in the loss of business and certifications.

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