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Optimized thermal cycle
Curing time reduced by 30%
Increased productivity

I would like to thank the team of Maya HTT’s engineers for their excellent work. The results so far are very interesting and encouraging. Maya HTT’s recommendation will potentially bring Bauer substantial savings in manufacturing production through the increase in productivity and better profitability per mold. We look forward to further collaborations in the near future.

Martin Chambert

Product Development Engineer, Bauer Hockey

Bauer Hockey Optimizes Thermal Processes of Goalie Mask Manufacturing to Reduce Curing Cycle By 30%


Bauer Hockey is a leading manufacturer of innovative hockey equipment and protective apparel including goalie equipment. The manufacturing process of their composite Goalie mask requires a curing cycle that lasts about 1 hour and 44 minutes, most of which – about 1 hour and 22 minutes – is devoted to the heating process. Bauer Hockey wanted to reduce the curing cycle time by accelerating the heating process, while still maintaining temperature uniformity across the mask.

Services Provided

Bauer Hockey asked Maya HTT to recommend how they could optimize the thermal cycle. Maya HTT’s engineers contributed their technical expertise in thermal analysis, simulation, material composition, and manufacturing processes to conduct an analysis and simulation of several scenarios in Simcenter. Working closely with Bauer engineers, Maya HTT’s team validated their recommendations using a digital twin.


The recommendations successfully optimized the heat uniformity and reduced the curing cycle time by 30 minutes – an improvement of 30% — while maintaining the highest quality standards.

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