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Explore more possibilities in less time. Simulate the interactions of fluids and surfaces for many applications without needing specialized expertise in computational fluid dynamics (CFD).

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Solve Fluid Flow and Heat Transfer Problems

Narrow channels, valve openings, and heat sinks have led to many complex issues. Circumvent frustration and bottlenecks with FLOEFD’s Solution Adaptive Mesh. It automatically refines meshing in localized volumes based on flow gradients. FLOEFD works equally well with compressible and incompressible fluids and various flow conditions.

Apply adaptive mesh features solely in critical areas of a design, enabling non-expert users to create a high-quality, accurate grid with an optimized solution time.

FloEFD Simulation in Siemens NX
A CAD model in Siemens FLOEFD

A Straight Line from Geometry to CFD

No more switching between solutions. Use your mechanical computer assisted design (MCAD) directly in FLOEFD. It works with Solid Edge and other major MCAD solutions – with instant, seamless integration.

With no “translation” step, there is no loss of geometric fidelity. Anything an engineer builds with CAD geometry is accessible in FLOEFD. The solution can even automatically determine fluids and solids in that geometry. Any change you make to either the geometry or the CFD model is automatically reflected in the other. This keeps both in sync at all times to reduce re-synchronization and errors.

Quicker Model Cleanup

Tweaking “dirty” CAD geometries takes time. FLOEFD’s Fast Automated Meshing automatically fixes CAD parts that overlap or interfere with other parts.

Fast automated boundary meshing automatically meshes fluid and solid regions. This means less work and no manual meshing. Choose the necessary level of accuracy and save time with automatic mesh refinement.

FLOEFD aligned part in Siemens NX

Fast, accurate CFD simulation

Conduct concurrent CFD analysis to reduce simulation time by as much as 65% to 75% over other tools. Intelligent, best-in-class technology brings the potential of fluid dynamics analysis to a broad range of users, including design engineers. Obtain accurate results easily, even for the most complex design problems.

Reduce Trial-and-Error for Near-Wall Setups

Get more accurate simulations of heat transfer and/or fluid flow of boundary layers. Modified Wall Function for Boundary Layers, a unique feature of FLOEFD, automatically renders grid-independent near-wall modeling using exclusive fluid-solid interface cell technology.

Benefit from greater accuracy that even extends to near-wall boundary condition effects such as rough vs smooth surfaces, with no need for specialized setup or CFD expertise.

Exhaust manifold FLOEFD simulation in Siemens NX
Muffler thermal simulation using FLOEFD in Siemens NX

Optimize Designs with Multi-Variant “What If?” Analyses

Innovation takes time. Innovate faster by simulating multiple design variations without the need to further define model data. FLOEFD includes capabilities that simplify testing different flow conditions, including:

  • Automatically modifying CAD geometry according to design parameters
  • Cloning an entire project for quicker design exploration
  • Manipulating boundary conditions
  • Running faster post-processing operations

Test unlimited instances or iterations in three simple steps:

  1. Modify your design
  2. Run FLOEFD’s auto-mesh
  3. Execute

An Intuitive Interface and Easy Documentation

Start projects and set up models with the help of wizards and templates. Ready integration with MS Office simplifies documentation.

Export results directly to Excel and automatically generate detailed reports on model setup, simulation, and results in Word.

Benefit from:

  • Visualization capabilities
  • Comprehensive results analysis
  • Automatic reporting
Aerospace modeling with Siemens FLOEFD and NX
Electronics modeling with Siemens FLOEFD and NX

A Wide-Ranging Workhorse

FLOEFD has you covered for virtually any design involving CFD. Design products with fans, pumps, or impellers. Handle multi-species fluids and multi-component solids in a single analysis. Work with heat transfer behavior in fluids, solids, or porous media.

A non-exhaustive list of the solution’s capabilities and applications includes:

  • Free, forced, and mixed convection
  • Laminar and turbulent flows
  • Linear and sectoral boundary conditions
  • Radiation
  • Relative humidity
  • Orbital heating
  • PCB electronics cooling
  • Non-Newtonian liquids, real gases, and two-phase flows
  • Iso-thermal cavitation and cavitation in incompressible fluids
  • Equilibrium volume condensation of water from steam (condensation, ice formation and melting)
  • Absorption of water vapor by solids (critical to fogging and film condensation)
  • Free-surface modeling (movement through water surfaces or liquid sloshing in a tank)
  • Broadband noise estimation from isotropic turbulence (Proudman’s definition)

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