Simcenter FLOEFD.

Frontload simulation

Increase productivity, streamline workflows, and see better results sooner. Facilitate cost-effective product development and improve productivity with the design engineering tools needed to target complex design challenges.

Fast, accurate CFD simulation

Conduct concurrent CFD analysis to reduce simulation time by as much as 65% to 75% over other tools. Intelligent, best-in-class technology brings the potential of fluid dynamics analysis to a broad range of users, including design engineers. Obtain accurate results easily, even for the most complex design problems.

Explore the Simcenter FLOEFD Modules

Multilingual UI

Interfaces in a variety of languages, including Russian, German, French, Korean, Chinese and Japanese

Upfront and Concurrent CFD

Tight CAD-integration or fully CAD-embedded to provide upfront, concurrent analysis to reduce simulation time by up to 75%

Design Comparison

Configuration comparison and parametric studies for evaluating the effects of design changes and comparing a wide range of permutations

Intuitive UX

Wizards and real-time feedback guide users through problem setup to output using familiar engineering terms and common formats

Automated Cartesian Meshing

An efficient framework for simulating fluid flows, heat and mass transfer, easily automated for solving complex CAD geometries with unprecedented speed
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