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Maya HTT is a software solution developer with unique experiences in the world of engineering.

Founded in 1982, Maya HTT has more than 30 years of experience with developing and implementing specialized software solutions in a wide range of fields, including engineering, design, manufacturing, aerospace, military and defense, datacenter operation, and others. For more than 30 years, Maya HTT has been at the forefront of specialized software development. With over seven million of software licenses distributed globally, we have been helping organizations improve quality and effectiveness, thanks to the latest software innovations available.

Maya HTT was originally founded as a company that specialized in 3D thermal and fluid dynamics analysis. As we recruited more team members, our expertise grew to encompass different engineering specialties.Our engineers and developers have a wide range of experience and use the software we customize. Our areas of expertise include Siemens Digital Industries Software, NX, thermal flow simulations, datacenter infrastructure management and more.

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Success stories

Launching small satellites with big benefits

Launching small satellites with big benefits

Hybrid engine tech delivers competitive and agile access to space Reaction Dynamics (RDX) has been pursuing innovative research into rocket propulsion for 5 years. Having solved the problems inherent to hybrid rocket engines, the company, headed by CEO Bachar...

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Self-learning application for determining the optimal settings of an industrial machine in a complex environment

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Additional articles

Engineering Dialogues with the Future

Engineering Dialogues with the Future

Engineering in Conversation  Maya HTT's Remi Duquette joins Stephen Ferguson from the Siemens Podcast Network for a conversation about the future of engineering. It's a critical topic, and one we've explored previously. "The engineers we train today, we can't...

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