Computational Fluid Dynamics

MAYA develops industry-leading computational fluid dynamics (CFD) software, and has extensive expertise using it to solve real-world engineering problems. Our team of specialists can help customers use their software more efficiently to speed product design development and improve the accuracy of results. We can also help jump start your analyses by building robust CFD models and performing the necessary simulations for you. We have a strong record of successful fluid dynamics experience in aerospace, aeronautics, automotive, high tech electronics, heavy industry, and manufacturing applications.

We offer a unique set of products and services to:

  • Perform complex fluid dynamics simulations
  • Provide unique and powerful fluid domain construction tools
  • Develop customized workflows to automate repetitive simulation tasks
  • Create software extensions to meet specific modeling requirements involving complex physical phenomena

Key benefits of a MAYA solution using NX™ Flow software include:

  • Reduce costly physical prototypes by using flow simulation to  understand product performance
  • Capture complex fluid dynamics behaviour through a comprehensive set of modeling tools.
  • Achieve faster CFD results through a consistent environment that allows you to quickly move from design to simulation
  • Shorten modeling time for initial and subsequent design-analysis  iterations

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