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Wirth Research puts Acura in Sebring pole position with integrated NX CAE tools.

Development in the digital domain Darren Davies, engineering manager at Wirth Research, notes, “We were charged by Honda Performance Development with designing the all-new Acura to take their petrol engine and beat the diesels. We have a very strong company philosophy that has come right from the top: development in the digital domain. That is why we have designed, engineered and simulated the complete Acura in NX from the outset, starting just over a year ago. You don’t make reliability at the track, you create a reliable car in the design office and NX is the integrated tool we use for all our design work and all our reliability work.

Prototyping is nonexistent – we don’t make anything until we know it is right. The Acura is definitely right.” Keeping design, engineering and simulation in one place At Wirth Research, a single integrated design infrastructure is important to project success. Davies explains, “In a large enterprise, the organizational and the engineering challenges are generally so huge that the problem becomes how to transfer knowledge between a design group and a CAE group. However, like 90 percent of the companies in the world, we are considered a small to medium enterprise, in our case around 50 staff, and our solution to the problem is simple: we keep design and CAE – engineering and simulation – in one place.”

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