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Revolution in Simulation Announces Maya HTT as its Newest Sponsor

CHICAGO, IL (USA) OCTOBER 20, 2021 – The global simulation industry collaboration and technology alliance Revolution in Simulation (“Rev-Sim” at, created to accelerate innovation through the democratization of engineering simulation, announces Maya HTT as its newest participating sponsor and collaborator.

Maya HTT got its start by providing solutions for the space industry. Now it is an established and growing global brand. Maya HTT serves customers worldwide across many sectors, with a strong focus on aerospace and defense, automotive and transportation, electronics, and heavy industrial machinery.

Throughout its longstanding relationship with Siemens, Maya HTT has developed a depth of knowledge about its products, so much so that other partners approach Maya HTT for its expertise. Maya HTT is also a software and technology partner and has developed over 30 products for Siemens to provide customers better engineering for a better future.

Maya HTT adds its name to a steadily increasing list of participating sponsors that now includes Aras, ASSESS, BETA CAE, Dassault SolidWorks, EASA, EnginSoft, ESRD, Front End Analytics, Future Facilities, Hexagon/MSC, Kinetic Vision, Modelon, NAFEMS, nTopology, Ohio Supercomputer Center, OnScale, PASS Suite, Phoenix Integration, Pointwise, PTC, Siemens, UberCloud and VCollab.

Each of these simulation leaders are providing expert leadership in the movement to make engineering simulation software more accessible, efficient, reliable, and impactful not just for CAE experts but also for others across the enterprise – what is commonly referred to as the Democratization of Simulation. The demand for automated simulation is exploding, resulting in next-generation usage of traditional, expert-driven simulation tools and platforms.

Maya HTT VP of Sales, Marc Lafontaine, said, “Maya HTT merges the real world – industrial data – with simulation. As a Rev-Sim sponsor, we bring our technical knowledge of Siemens software, our credibility and proven track record, and our breadth and depth of expertise. As leaders in the realm of simulation for predictive analytics, from 1D and 3D to fluid, thermal and structural co-simulation, Maya HTT helps the simulation community discover new ways to achieve valuable insights via virtual solutions rooted in physics-based understanding.”

Remi Duquette, VP of Industrial AI, said, “The next revolution in simulation is underway, and Maya HTT is pleased to be leading the way as a Rev-Sim sponsor. Innovative AI-driven models augment simulation’s capabilities and value in exciting and surprising ways. Beyond simple data science interpretations from data-driven machine learning, the next-gen simulation revolution has the potential to offer explanations through AI results grounded in reliable physics-based understanding. The success of current projects has revealed outstanding new opportunities for combining simulation and AI.”

Rev-Sim Director of Partnerships, Mike Nieburg said, “Each of our sponsors are working to advance and expand the use and value of engineering simulation software by innovating within their market spaces. We are excited to have Maya HTT join us demonstrating their revolutionary thought-leadership and technology in a collaborative alliance that benefits all industrial users of engineering simulation.”

About Maya HTT

Maya HTT is an industry-leading software developer and engineering services provider of multiphysics simulation, computer-aided engineering (CAE), computer-aided design (CAD), computer-aided manufacturing (CAM), and Product Lifecycle Management (PLM). Maya HTT’s expertise in applied artificial intelligence (AI), industrial internet-of-things (IIoT) platform solutions and low-/no-code apps boosts performance, enhances overall equipment effectiveness (OEE), improves manufactured product quality, drives down costs, reduces inefficiencies, and increases energy efficiency for clients across multiple industries.

Maya HTT helps clients harness the potential of digitalization to capture the business value of their data and improve operational efficiency. Operating behind the scenes, Maya HTT’s experts provide the insight and innovative solutions engineers need to tackle the most difficult and obscure issues in business today. As a technological partner, software editor, and provider of Siemens solutions, Maya HTT’s extensive experience in design, analysis, systems integration, manufacturing, asset operations, and software deployment helps clients and partners optimize products and find cutting-edge, best-fit solutions for modern problems. Explore our simulation services and solutions at or book a workshop with our Industrial AI experts.

About Rev-Sim LLC

Revolution in Simulation is a web-based resource and community-building platform that educates, advocates, collaborates and innovates for the advancement and democratization of engineering simulation. The Rev-Sim.Org website offers the largest curated collection of engineering simulation news, articles, presentations, white papers, videos, recorded webinars, case studies, and directories of software and consulting service providers to help organizations maximize the impact and ROI from simulation investments.

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