Changing the flow to bridge the gap: Rail car aerodynamics and drag

Sometimes, the littlest things have the biggest effect.

In this case, one little thing promises to bridge the gap to greater energy efficiency of trains by changing the airflow. RoofRider, a small deflector measuring less than one inch high (0.72 inches to be precise), sticks to the roof of a train car to reduce inter-car drag.

For inter-city and commuter trains, drag accounts for as much as 50% of the overall resistance. For cargo trains, the percentage is even greater. Less drag means better aerodynamics and reduced fuel consumption, bringing down costs and improving the eco footprint of transportation companies.

The small team at Deflect, LLC, the startup behind RoofRider is working full steam ahead on improving train aerodynamics and fuel efficiency. Conscious of the regulations and the variety of scenarios that must be tested, the team has taken an approach that combines analytics and data with modeling and simulation. They use NX and Simcenter software from Siemens Digital Industries Software to drive product innovation through an intensive process of design and simulation, ensuring the results are as correct and reliable as possible.

Listen to the Siemens Startups Podcast with guests Deflect, LLC, CEO Spencer Maynes and CTO Adrian Villar.

“Simcenter is not only a great tool for CFD simulations but it makes it very easy for the design to be done in an automated way. It’s a lot more efficient, which is really important for a small company.” CTO, Adrian Villar

The Maya HTT team is pleased to support Deflect, LLC, on their startup journey and we look forward to seeing what lies down the track for them.

“Maya HTT has been really helpful in working with a startup and getting everything done. They’ve been very supportive.” CEO, Spencer Maynes

“The Maya HTT team has been helpful at solving all our technical issues.” CTO, Adrian Villar

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