How to Rapidly and Simultaneously Update Multiple Structural Dynamic Models

Simcenter 3D FE Model Update helps improve the fidelity of simulations. By adjusting the model’s material and physical properties parameters (called Design Variables), it is possible to produce a close match to actual product performance.

The new Model Update Sets feature expands support for industry workflows, such as airframe ground vehicle testing, in which a structure is subjected to multiple dynamic tests, each with slight variations. The tests do not need to have identical boundary conditions or geometry.

Through the example of a spacecraft, this paper demonstrates how two Model Update Solutions, each with different test/analysis configurations, are optimized at once. Design Variables that are common to multiple Model Update Solutions are assigned the same value during the model updating process. This creates a single FE model that has been validated across all test configurations. The model can be used for further product development with increased confidence.

By working with reduced models it becomes possible to rapidly try many optimization strategies. In our spacecraft example, we reduced the overall errors from 29.6% to 0.05% in three optimization cycles.

Explore some of the theory behind Simcenter 3D FE Model Update and discover the benefits of the new Model Update Sets feature.

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