Simcenter 3D Space Systems Thermal.

Ensure the durability and performance of highly sensitive and specialized equipment under the extreme thermal conditions of space. Space Systems Thermal delivers advanced modeling, simulation and analytical capabilities designed for the space industry.

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Critical thermal performance

The extreme conditions of space threaten the performance of specialized, sensitive equipment.

Mission success depends on protecting the equipment and ensuring it can survive the space environment and do its job.

Advanced modeling, simulation and analytical tools are the key to achieving durability and performance in spacecraft and their components.

space systems thermal satellite animation

Advanced orbital thermal simulation

The thermal challenges of objects in orbit are, quite literally, moving targets. How can you accurately predict the thermal physics for spacecraft, satellites and interplanetary vehicles when their exact position in relation to the planet or the sun is constantly changing?

Simcenter 3D Space Systems Thermal is the comprehensive tool equipped for orbital mechanics. Obtain the orbital thermal analysis and simulation you need to resolve the thermal challenges with less need for costly physical prototypes.

Synchronized CAD data

In NewSpace, speed-to-market is a key deciding factor for winning business.

Manual modeling will slow you down. If you have to recreate a solution or rebuild from scratch every time the CAD changes, you’re not in the game.

Synchronizing CAD data with the design updates the geometry easily and automatically as the product evolves. Greater speed and agility are yours with Simcenter 3D Space Systems Thermal. Reduce time and error, achieve quick turnarounds, and gain greater confidence in your results.


CAD model

Simulation, from quick to complex

Depending on where you are in the design cycle, you might need only a simple quick and dirty simulation or you may need to run the full multiphysics.

Simcenter 3D Space Systems Thermal makes it easy to work with exactly the level of model complexity and detail you need.

Unlike other tools, there’s no need to write code or compile before each run, and you don’t need to know Fortran to run the solver.

Seamlessly simulate the coupled thermal-flow convection processes that are crucial for terrestrial cases, human habitats and potential Mars missions. Obtain more accurate and predictive modeling with imbedded CFD solver or co-simulation system solvers.


Parameterized models mean flexibility

Easily run analysis for a variety of operating modes and what-if scenarios, without the additional time and effort sink.

Simcenter 3D Space Systems Thermal delivers built-in design exploration and the parametric ability to run hot, cold or other operating cases.

Explore as many different conditions and options as you need, quickly and easily with parameterized models.

Spacecraft FEA model
PCB Exchange space systems thermal integration

Automation eliminates error, reduces effort

The opportunity automation offers is boundless. Implementing automation eliminates the risk of human error and reduces the effort needed to setup your analysis.

For example:

  • Automate printed circuit board generation with PCB Exchange and analyse electronics directly in the thermal space environment.
  • Easily map temperatures to a structural solver, such as Nastran, to perform thermal deformation analysis.
  • Tap into the power of NXOpen to code and automate pre and post processing.

Discover the benefits of a comprehensive, integrated platform for space thermal analysis.


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