PCB Exchange.

Reduce reliance on physical prototypes and integrate mechanical computer-assisted design (MCAD) and electronic computer-assisted design (ECAD) for a faster, more efficient PCB design process.

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Electronics, Mechanical, and Simulation Design Synchronization

The demand for increasingly complex and miniaturized electronics poses challenges that can be addressed by design synchronization and improved collaboration.

PCB Exchange is a platform for intuitive, collaborative, and efficient design of both rigid and flexible printed circuits. Its advantages include:

  • Connects directly to all major ECAD applications
  • Creates ready-to-solve thermal and structural models for Simcenter 3D
  • Enables convenient cross-checking and results visualization
  • Supports incremental comparisons and updates
Integrated circuit test in PCB Exchange
Siemens PCB Exchange demo assembly

The Benefits of Collaboration

Collaboration between MCAD and ECAD teams is complicated. It requires the time-consuming exchange of entire board layouts. It also relies on verbal communication and error-prone manual processes.

PCB Exchange removes this inefficiency. NX users can collaborate directly with users of virtually any ECAD solution. Designs advance quickly thanks to data sharing across applications and two-way communication of any design changes. Easily identify boards, areas within boards, and components.
A built-in Design Rule Manager helps create hierarchical design rules and analyze:
  • Orthogonal, short/long, and 3D clearance types
  • Checking of mechanical, component, and copper clearances

Smoother Downstream Workflows

In addition to the upstream improvements PCB Exchange provides when users are able to connect directly to ECAD applications, there are also benefits later in the design cycle.

PCB Exchange improves downstream workflows and integrates with computer assisted engineering (CAE) for thermal and structural analysis. Create ready-to-solve analysis models, mesh PCBs and components, and assign materials and stacking of physical layers.

Siemens PCB Exchange preferences
An electrical component in Siemens PCB exchange

The Integration Toolbox

PCB Exchange features tools and capabilities to allow users to do things such as:

  • Collaborate with intermediate data format (IDF) and IDX formats
  • Import PCB manufacturing file formats like ODB++
  • Track IDX collaboration history
  • Create IDX workflow notifications
  • Support IDX stack-up zone areas including layer stack-up details within NX
  • Update existing Electronic Systems Cooling solutions

Handle Complex PCB Designs

PCB Exchange includes all the capabilities you need to design even the most complex PCBs with high-density packaging, such as:

  • Internal layer structure including dielectric
  • Support for locating blind and buried vias
  • Embedded passive components
  • Components in cavities
  • Rigid-flex substrates
  • Hole padstack and net name attributes for advanced conductivity calculations
  • Conductive shape support
Siemens PCB Exchange integrated circuit test
PCB Exchange Integrated circuit test

Thermal and Structural CAD-CAE Integration

PCB Exchange provides several advantages at the CAE stage, such as the calculation of layer-based component masses and mechanical properties for structural analysis.

Its built-in tools create ready-to-solve thermal models that prepare data for Electronic Systems Cooling or Space Systems Thermal, along with:

  • Meshing of boards and components
  • Assigning materials and physical layer stack-ups
  • Specifying component models from your specific database
  • Creating heat loads and thermal couplings
  • Full integration with Teamcenter

The ready-to-solve structural model prepares data for Nastran, for linear statistics analysis, or normal modes calculation.

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