What is the next frontier for aerospace and defense?

Explore the potential of next-gen digitalization

Today more than ever, the aerospace and defense (A&D) industry is seeking new ways to innovate and do business. The digital revolution underfoot has broadened horizons, transformed best practices, and created space for new opportunities.

Across A&D, there is intensifying pressure to reduce program costs, manage increasing complexity, deliver greater integration, increase product electrification, and compete on a global scale. From new forms of power efficiency and electrification to supersonic aircraft, next gen fighter jets and space tourism, the future of A&D promises to be exciting. Commercial companies and government organizations seeking to succeed must adopt a modern approach and best-in-class tools.

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Solutions for improved efficiency, collaboration and productivity help global A&D leaders be agile, flexible, and adaptable in meeting modern challenges. Digitalization, in particular, is powering unprecedented innovation. To succeed in the face of increasing complexity, collecting and sharing data is not enough; seamless integration and virtual in-context analysis are must-have capabilities.

The digital twin helps teams move faster and reduce costs, making it possible to analyze, study, and improve products and processes in a fly-before-you-build approach with very little risk. Extending the digital twin to include design, simulation, and analysis within an interconnected ecosystem creates a digital thread that brings together product, production, and performance digital twins with a continuous exchange of information between connected and integrated systems.

This digital fabric of information connects people with data and applications for real-time, real-world decision making. Users can quickly access, share, and manage program details across the entire product lifecycle – at any time, from any location. A lofty goal? Not anymore! This is the down-to-earth reality of the not-too-distant future.

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