Tackling Design Complexity with Simplified Modelling Processes

Design engineers face daily challenges. These typically include slow CAE analysis, having to set up an analysis model for each new design iteration, siloed simulations that differ from real world product performance, and delays in moving from CAD to CAE.

Four key improvements in Simcenter 3D

Simcenter 3D has been dedicated to helping you overcome these challenges, and its newest release continues to build on that promise with four key improvements:

  1. More multidisciplinary integration for more increased model complexity
  2. Faster simulation processing to aid decision making and support deadlines
  3. Better integration of separate simulation processes for more accurate performance predictions
  4. Automatic model syncing between design phases to move from CAD to CAE more quickly

Industry-specific enhancements in Simcenter 3D

Watch this new video for more details about the specific enhancements for:

  • Rotor dynamics – as used in aerospace and power generation
  • Gear systems – used in automotive and many other industrial applications
  • Materials – non-linear analysis of materials, especially composites used in many applications
  • Additive manufacturing

If you find that, like many designers, up to 80% of your time working with simulations is spent on the modelling processes themselves, or you wish you could reuse previous analysis models or more easily work across simulation domains, Simcenter 3D is likely a perfect fit for your needs.

Check out what changed with the previous release and watch this video to see what’s new in 2022.1.

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