Sustainable Transportation – Revealing an Electric Cover Story

The latest issue of Siemens’ Engineer Innovation magazine (Issue #3) features the Lion Electric Co., with a close look at how this sustainability-minded company successfully modeled and optimized its battery design and thermal management. Lion Electric relied on Maya HTT’s support and better expertise and used Siemens Digital Industries Software’s Simcenter Amesim to save time and costs in developing their new sustainable all-electric vehicles.

The ability to model the battery design and thermal management was a key factor in the success of their product development process. By making the switch to simulation, Lion Electric was able to improve the battery performance assessment of their model and gain a deeper understanding of their analysis – all within the regular development time. Maya HTT’s guidance helped Lion Electric make the right decisions from the start, optimize their time-to-market, and create a more reliable product at the start of production with lower production costs.

Download the PDF (article on page 4) to read more about how innovative simulation tools and the support of a knowledgeable partner helped Lion Electric create more sustainable urbanization, take on new engineering challenges in product development, and improve the overall quality of life for future generations.

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