Specialized Artificial Intelligence or Generalized Human?

Is the future of engineering specialized or generalized? One of the goals of engineering, across disciplines and industries, is to understand and predict outcomes and, drawing from technical knowledge, skills, and experience, to deliver the best solution for the intended purpose. This continuous learning builds our collective understanding of how things work and how to make them better.

At Maya HTT, our commitment is to deliver better thinking to deliver better engineering and a better future. A significant aspect of this is helping to develop young engineers.

New technology is emerging at an incredible pace, delivering constant, rapid innovation and specialization. What qualities and skills will the next generation of engineers need to succeed and contribute?

Is hyper-specialization in the most cutting-edge technology the best strategy? Or is a solid general knowledge the key to resilience amid uncertainty and constant change? What do you think? Is the future of engineering specialized or generalized? Should engineers strive to develop superhuman high-tech qualities, or to become as human as possible in ways that AI and robots cannot? How can industry and academia collaborate to engineer the best future for engineering and the best, most capable next generation of engineers?

Check out our presentation at the ASEE 2020 virtual conference for insight

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