Five years, nine stories: Special Maya HTT Edition of Engineer Innovation hits the stands

As they say, all good things take time. But perhaps good things – like good partnerships – also get better with time.

Maya HTT has been a proud contributor to Simcenter Engineer Innovation magazine since its fledgling issues in 2019. Case studies and articles about our clients have featured regularly in the quarterly magazine over the past five years.

Today, we’re proud to announce a special Maya HTT edition of Simcenter Engineer Innovation commemorating our close collaboration.

Download the special Maya HTT issue

This issue is packed with the best technical articles, case studies, and feature stories about Maya HTT and our clients published in past issues of Engineer Innovation magazine – from propellors to farms, refrigerators to robots, satellites to turbines, and industrial AI to data.

Engineer Innovation magazine publishes articles, technical features, industry insights and opinion features that showcase Simcenter customers and their successes.

And that’s something we’re proud to be a part of.

We hope you’ll enjoy this special Maya HTT issue of Engineer Innovation.

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