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Making operations in train stations more efficient and transparent

Railway operators face the challenge of planning their personnel, ensuring passenger safety and keeping costs at a minimum. To make better decisions railway operators often lack information on passenger volume and passenger behavior within the station. This includes, for example, the number of people on the platform, the distribution of people and the occupancy of the platform. Currently, operators must rely on empirical values and random tests.

However, the passenger volume is dynamic and depends on various factors. Depending on the time of the week or day, weather conditions or events, the volume of passengers can change unexpectedly. For this reason, operators need information on passenger volumes continuously and in real-time. These factors are taken into account by the Capacity Solution and are included in the analysis of the passenger volume.

Measuring and analyzing the quantity and movement of passengers is the first step towards Demand Responsive Operations

The Capacity Solution measures and analyzes the quantity and movements of passengers in the station and on trains. Various technologies serve as sources to obtain these data. For every project, a customized sensor design of the station is prepared and validated. The basis of our solution are 3D-sensors and Wi-Fi access points which can be supported by established customer systems like CCTV cameras, Ticketing or integrated train sensors.

This makes the Capacity Solution adaptable to our customers individual requirements. Algorithms are used to turn the data into valuable KPIs which directly address and solve the customers problem. Based on historical data, real-time data and contextual data like weather and events statements about future passenger volumes can be made. To provide the customer with an overview, all KPI’s are visualized in comprehensive features in the IoT Station Performance Dashboard.


  • Combining various data sources like 3D cameras, AFC gates, Wi-Fi and Ticketing
  • Cloud-based and in compliance with IT security and data protection law
  • Forecasts include contextual data like weather and events
  • Centrally displayed in the IoT Station Performance Dashboard


  • Deliver customer-specific solution which is flexible and easy-to-implement
  • Operators can make better decisions based on KPIs
  • Increase safety of passengers in the station by avoiding overcrowding of platforms
  • Reduce OPEX by planning personnel, schedules and energy according to demand
  • Improve the efficiency and punctuality of operation using valuable information about passenger volume and distribution

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