Optimize Your Teamcenter Setup

How much more might you achieve if you freed two or more hours of your workday?  Or 10+ hours a week?  Saving time saves money – and leads to greater productivity.

Here is one solution we developed that can help you realize previously untapped opportunities to improve your operations. The solution is an add-on to any installation of Teamcenter Rapid Start.

Employees spend up to 25% of each workday searching for and accessing the right information.1 Maya HTT’s experts can add mechanical computer assisted design (MCAD) file searching to your Teamcenter Rapid Start installation. The result is a dramatic reduction in search times.

Take Advantage of an Overlooked Area

Through our extensive experience with Teamcenter PLM installations, Maya HTT has developed an MCAD search tool to maximize the efficiency of retrieving and sharing MCAD files. The tool works with any CAD application. It enables employees to locate and access the right MCAD file – or information such as a measurement, part number, or bill of materials from within a file – nearly instantaneously.

Get File Searching Superpowers

Make your operations more efficient. Your engineers and other employees who depend on being able to locate the right MCAD files or information in those files will effectively gain file-searching “superpowers.”

Discover the advantage of being able to:

  • Locate 3D CAD files or drawings quickly and easily
  • Run a simple search for a component ID or item name to bring up the latest file revision
  • Filter search results
  • Access files from within Teamcenter directly from your CAD tool or web browser
  • Set accessibility and change permissions based on each job role (e.g., allowing manufacturing and quality personnel to ONLY see released data).
  • Enjoy the same level of enhanced visibility regardless of the CAD solution your shop uses

Wider Access Matters

Design engineers are not the only employees who need access to MCAD files. Other roles, such as manufacturing, quality control, purchasing, and other supply chain-related specialists may need regular access.

Typically, someone from one of these roles will contact an engineer to request a copy of a CAD drawing. The engineer must then stop what they are designing, take the time to search for the requested file, and share it (or a 3D image of the file). This is in addition to the time an engineer spends searching for MCAD files for their own tasks.

Discover a simple one-time setup solution tailored to your scale of operations. The result? An easy-to-use, web-based Rapid Deployment that is tailored mostly to an out-of-the-box solution, specifically to allow authorized personnel to access needed information.

Learn about a whole new way of searching for and leveraging information from all your current and future MCAD files with Maya HTT’s expertise. We have solutions to ramp up your company’s efficiency and productivity.

To learn more contact us.

1According to research from the Economist Intelligence Unit sponsored by Citrix Systems

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