AI in the OR: Maya HTT helps Omnimed modernize hospital surgical suites with SmartOR

One goal many of our clients have in common is to innovate products and services for the benefit of humankind.

We like to make it easier for them to succeed.

Omnimed is one such client. An innovative medical technology company, Omnimed is committed to saving lives by improving patient outcomes while reducing healthcare costs, inefficiencies and risks.

Improving patient outcomes

Post-surgery adverse effects account for roughly 250k deaths per year in the USA alone.

Omnimed is set to change that with the launch of SmartOR.

SmartOR makes operating rooms better and more efficient by delivering real-time real-time data and visibility in the OR and surgical suite. It helps to identify post-surgery adverse effects resulting from operating room events.

Maya HTT is proud to have contributed to the development of this innovative solution. Read the press release.

What is SmartOR?

SmartOR is an intelligent customized network of modular, data-driven technologies that sense, observe and understand the complex activities of modern surgical suites.

It monitors all activities, procedures and equipment occurring in the surgical suite using a combination of sophisticated technologies such as pose detection, sterile zone tracking, drop detection, heat mapping and other capabilities.

Data and safety in the OR – Use case

Although an OR is a busy place, a sterile zone needs to be maintained around the patient’s bed. Typically, the perimeter of this zone is marked on the floor of the OR – there is no physical barrier to prevent breaches.

The staff, focused on their tasks, sometimes lose sight of what they touch and where they walk – and they sometimes breach the sterile zone without realizing it.

Omnimed needed a way to detect sterile zone breaches.

Maya HTT’s IIoT and AI services team helped Omnimed succeed.

How Maya HTT helped

The Maya HTT services team contributed its AI and IIoT expertise to deliver the following:

  1. AI models (modeling and integration into the solution)
  • Machine listening & vision
  • Human hand and pose model tracking
  • Medical instrument tracking
  1. A fusion of AI models and sensors : Combining AI models and telemetry to gain smart insights
  2. Software development: focused on integrating hardware sensors into the solution without adding complexity
  3. Commercial hardware recommendations (architecture, sizing, and selection) 

Interested in how AI and IIoT solutions can help you innovate better outcomes? Contact a Maya HTT expert today.

Discover innovative solutions that improve safety, efficiency and productivity.

“Maya HTT brings expertise in AI, telemetry, software development and engineering. And it is this combination of expertise that allows us to expand what can be done for humankind — from landing rovers on Mars to improving manufacturing and now to hospital operating rooms. Our work with Omnimed SmartOR is helping to create a better, more efficient OR and reduce the adverse effects resulting from hospital operating room conditions.” – Remi Duquette

Read the press release

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