Maya HTT has proudly joined the MindSphere Partner program

As remote machine monitoring becomes critical, traditional methods no longer perform. Maya HTT has proudly joined the MindSphere Partner program making it possible for us to bring you smart industrial IoT solutions that help you build a solid base for efficient and digitalized operations.

Smart Signal Explorer, our new solution for monitoring machine performance, gives you the tools to identify degradation early and predict maintenance needs, reducing unplanned downtime and costs. Acquire the telemetry data needed for increased insight and save costly maintenance headaches. Built on the MindSphere platform, this application opens the door to translating time-series signals into actionable smart frequency-based information. With this new wisdom, engineers and technicians can remotely pinpoint early onset of equipment failures. The complex real-time algorithms under the hood offer endless possibilities and savings.

The MindSphere Partner Program is Siemens’ partner program for industrial internet of things (IoT) solution and technology providers.

Read more about our partnership, the application and the preventative maintenance use case.

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