Digital Tools & Cold Chain Management: Delivery Solutions for Lifesaving Vaccines

Technology has produced many innovative public health solutions for dealing with the coronavirus pandemic. As attention has shifted to the promise of a covid-19 vaccine, cold chain management is taking its turn in the spotlight. The hurdles don’t stop with the development of an effective vaccine. The next challenge is to ensure fast and efficient distribution of this temperature-sensitive product.

In many industries, the logistics of getting product from point a to point b are tricky, but this is especially true for bio-pharmaceuticals. Vaccines require stable conditions, and in the case of new mRNA vaccines, extremely cold temperatures. How can shippers ensure the containers preserve optimal conditions across the entire cold chain?

The journey from the point of manufacture through to the point of distribution may not be direct. Along with packaging design, external thermal factors, and storage needs, shipments may experience delays. With a payload of such vital importance, how can shipping companies ensure it arrives uncompromised?

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As with next generation vaccines, digital tools for cold chain management offer great benefits for a swift and effective response for critical needs. The software available today makes it possible to research and test the validity of packaging and shipping route combinations, at a fraction of the cost and time it takes using traditional methods. The considerable savings has a direct impact on the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of cold chain transport systems.

How thermal simulation benefits cold chain management

  • Efficiently optimize design concepts and revisions
  • Evaluate alternative distribution routing profiles
  • Qualify designs for specific ambient temperature profiles
  • Reduce iterative physical testing
  • Assess the impact of temperature excursions during shipment
  • Meet or exceed industry quality standards
  • Reduce product liability costs

Discover the measurable benefits digital solutions deliver to meet today’s cold chain management challenges.

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