Cultivating Plants Underground with Vertical Farming and CFD

Software expertise grows solutions

We could be in the midst of a revolutionary change in how we grow food.

According to GreenForges, vertical farming is on the way up – or should we say, on the way down.

What will growing food with the absence of sun and soil look like, and how can this fresh and innovative way of farming succeed?

Simulation pushes agriculture beyond boundaries

Maya HTT helped GreenForges use simulation software to generate a virtual model of a vertical hydroponic farm. A hydroponic system functions by simply using water mixed with nutrients and provides the perfect amount of oxygen that plants need to thrive. The challenge for GreenForges is to recreate that perfect environment underground.

This sustainable method of farming could easily be used in urban areas where space is limited. Underground vertical farms could provide an alternative to the sustainability concerns of modern agriculture. Plus, they are expected to reduce water consumption and pollution.

CFD simulation used in farming

Condensation is one potential complication of designing an underground controlled environment farming system.

Maya HTT provided the simulation software and CFD expertise GreenForges needed to understand how to effectively control humidity and condensation in the underground controlled agriculture environment.

As a result, they were able to predict the accumulation of condensation on the walls that would then be collected and redistributed throughout the HVAC system, putting the GreenForges team in a better position to iterate a more optimal design.

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